Dog Behavior Training

Dog Behavior Training. At some point in time all folks dog owners got to administer some dog behavior training. this is often sometimes called “behavior modification” and it basically means solving your dog’s behavior problems.

There are a lot of dog behavior problems, they will affect all dog breeds, at any time throughout your dog’s life. I’ve listed a number of the more common dog behavior problems below, and importantly some proven dog behavior training methods to correct them. i will be able to still increase this resource over subsequent few months. Hopefully this information proves to be a valuable resource for you – and your dog.

General Principles for Dog Behavior Training

• an excellent number of puppy and dog behavioral problems are the results of separation anxiety.

• Many behavior problems (such as barking, biting and digging) stem from a scarcity of communication, or miscommunication between you the owner and your dog. Simply put, your dog isn’t conscious of what’s expected of him/her (I’ll just say him from now on to form it easier).

• Applying some proper obedience training at an early stage (the earlier the better!) may be a best technique to correct any behavior problems, and also to stop any future problems. the very fact that you simply are reading this page possibly means it’s too late for this tip!

• Set boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable behavior for your dogs, and stick with them.

Be consistent, make it simple for your dog:

o Be clear that you simply are always the alpha dog or leader in your owner-dog relationship.

o Make it clear to him what’s unacceptable behavior – whenever .

o Make it clear to him what’s acceptable behavior – whenever .

• albeit it’s going to seem as if your dog is behaving poorly to spite you or annoy you this is often not the case. within the overwhelming majority of dog behavior problems there’ll be a cause or trigger which sparks the behavior. Identifying these triggers is that the crucial initiative towards solving the matter .

• take care you’re not inadvertently rewarding the very behavior you’re trying to eliminate. An example of this is able to be if your dog is barking excessively outside, you then attend the door and call him inside. You’re encouraging and rewarding the behavior, and thus he’s bound to roll in the hay again!

Dog Behavior Training
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Dog Behavior Training Methods – Here we glance at a number of the common behavior problems.

• Stop Your Dog From Barking Fast!

Working out the way to stop your dog from barking are often a difficult and time consuming task.

Dogs like to bark. it is a perfectly natural thing for your dog to try to to , even as its normal for us humans to talk .

It’s when our dogs bark excessively that it becomes a drag for all concerned – including our cranky neighbors.

Considering this, our goal really isn’t to prevent dog barking altogether, but rather to regulate the excessive barking.

Keep in mind that there are situations once we want our dogs to bark (and i assume there also are times once I like my chatty aunty to speak).

The first step in modifying the behavior of an excessive barker is to work out the rationale why the dog is barking within the first place. Once you’ve identified this cause or trigger, you’ll then plan the right training solution.

One of the most important mistakes us dog owners make is to inadvertently reward our dogs excessive barking. We actually encourage and reinforce the barking problem once we commit these three dog training sins:

“Never Reward Your Dog’s Barking!”

1. Yell and scream at the dog – this just gives them the eye they were crying out for.

Plus your dog will most likely just think you’re joining in with them, adding to the thrill .

2. allow them to inside. If your dog is barking his leave outside, then you let him in, this just rewards and thus reinforces the barking. This also applies to dogs who bark to be released from a crate or bark to form you rise up and prepare their dinner!

3. If your dog is barking and you react by giving him a comforting cuddle or a treat of some sort, you’re definitely encouraging your dog to bark again. By doing this you’re communicating to your dog that you simply are proud of him. you ought to be making it clear that his excessive barking is inappropriate and won’t be tolerated.

The most important piece of recommendation to recollect when trying to switch any dog behavior problem is that you simply must clearly communicate to your dog what’s acceptable behavior and what’s not.


• Stop Dogs Eating Dog Poop – Dog Coprophagia

Dog Coprophagia is one dog problem that us dog owners hate. To us it is a filthy habit that just doesn’t make any sense. I mean why would our favorite pets eat dog or cat poop once we are feeding them perfectly good meals?

Dog Coprophagia (eating feces) is commonest in puppies up to a year old, but can occur at any stage throughout a dog’s life. For such a good spread problem there hasn’t been much research conducted into the way to stop our dogs from eating dog poop.

The good news though for us dog lovers is that there are many proven techniques or training methods we will turn to correct this habit.

If your puppy or older dog has taken a flowery to eating feces, read on…

An important thing to recollect for all dog owners, who have a poop eating puppy, is to make sure that each one dog vaccinations and worming treatments are up so far . the rationale for are often “> this is often that various diseases and internal parasites can be passed from dog to dog through coprophagia.

The techniques below have proven to be an efficient thanks to stop dogs eating dog poop. you ought to try one method or combine a couple of until you break your dog’s habit. Remember that unecessary punishment or getting angry together with your dog doesn’t work – for this or the other dog behavior problem.

• Feed well balanced and nutritious meals.

• Try feeding twice each day at regular times instead of just one occasion .

• Always keep your dog’s living area clean of feces and supply a couple of stuffed chew toys to stay them occupied.

• make certain to adequately exercise and stimulate your dog – mentally and physically.

• Teach your dog the essential obedience command “leave it”. If you’ve got established yourself because the fair and always consistent leader in your owner-dog relationship, this command will work immediately.

• a way I successfully wont to stop my Brother’s Vista from eating her poop was to place a tablespoon of pineapple in her food. Apparently pineapple tastes terrible when eaten in poop – can’t say I’ve tried it myself! people have used Pumpkin, Spinach, Pickles or Garlic for an equivalent purpose.

• Always reward desired behavior.

Whichever method you are trying together with your dog make certain to be consistent. you want to enforce your strategy whenever so as to prevent dogs eating dog poop. The longer you let this habit establish itself, the harder it’ll be to interrupt .

One last item – most dogs do eventually grow out of their poop eating habit, just not fast enough for us owners!

• Stop a Puppy from Biting


Managing and controlling puppy biting problems are often a serious challenge for us dog lovers.

Puppy biting or nipping starts out as a touch of fun, but must be controlled quickly to avoid ongoing problems.

For most young puppies biting may be a perfectly natural and essential phase they are going through, especially once they are teething. Puppies like to sink their sharp little fangs into almost anything during this teething stage, including the hands and feet of their owners. In some cases it’s like you’ve brought a quick alligator into your home, rather than the cuddly little puppy you had hoped for.

Your goal to start out with is to show your puppy the way to control the force of his/her biting. Your puppy’s littermates will initiate this process then it’s up to you to continue on with it when your new puppy arrives home. this may ensure (not guarantee) that if your dog does bite someone within the future the damage are going to be minimized. once you have given your puppy sufficient feedback regarding the strength of his bite only then are you able to begin to scale back the prevalence of the biting behavior.

1. If you catch the biting problem early it’s going to be easy to rectify. Just attempt to redirect the biting from your flesh to a toy or chew bone. For very young puppies this method is usually all you will need do.

2. Make your puppy think he’s hurting you whenever he features a nip at you. This method replicates the way dogs mapped out this biting amongst themselves. When puppies are biting and nipping one another it only stops when one puppy lets out a yelp. we will use this natural way dogs learn by letting out an Ouch! or an Arrr! whenever one among our puppy’s bite. The trick is to startle your dog together with your voice, then shy away and stop twiddling with your puppy for a short time .

3. In bad biting cases as soon as your puppy latches onto your hand say “No!” and quickly put your thumb inside his mouth under his tongue, and your other finger under his chin.

Hold it there for about 10 seconds (not too tightly). this may feel uncomfortable to your puppy plus he won’t be ready to bite you.