How Much Are Purebred Maine Coon Kittens

How Much Are Purebred Maine Coon Kittens

However, the breed is prone to certain hereditary health conditions, which can affect the longevity of individual cats. With that said, you have to realize that i am very prejudiced toward the maine coon breed.i am sure every serious breeder of every breed of cat, feels the same way about their breed.

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Maine coon cat kittens for sale available today.

How much are purebred maine coon kittens. While both legends are fun to talk about, neither is true. 1 grey tabby female, 1 orange tabby female, 2 dark grey/black male, 1 calico female, 1 black male. Vet bills, health testing, food and supplements, time and effort go.

Some catteries request higher prices than others, and there is some variance in different regions. Actually , the record for the world’s longest domestic cat belongs to a maine coon who grew to be over four feet long. Once you own a maine coon, i seriously doubt you will ever consider owning any other cat breed.

Hopefully this will help you to make a decision about the specifics of the maine coon you might be looking to add to your family. Excellent breeders will not sell their maine coon kittens for rock bottom prices. Here then are some specific advertised prices for the maine coons i found.

Female, 12 weeks old, purebred, black and white, $900. But not all maine coon kittens will cost you a small fortune. Maine coon cats are moderately active.

They were bought from a breeder for around £500, have been neutered and chipped and are not being kept indoors. The offer sounds too good to be true. Our mission is to help you purchase a purebred cat.

However, the maximum price for a purebred maine coon cat in the united states would be around $2000. I will take down the add when they’re all gone. Maine coon kittens are rife with legends.

Many things factor into the price as i explain completely below. Maine coon family cats is the epitome of what one should look for in a breeder. Browse maine coon kittens for sale & cats for adoption.

This cost might seem high, but maine coons are not like any regular house cat, and for many owners they are well worth the price. Many things factor into the price as i explain completely below. Iris ♀ main coon kitten (breeding rights) 7 months old available for delivery today.

There is absolutely nothing else in the cat world quite like a maine coon. Also, compared to many other cat breeds, maine coons are. Other costs associated with purchasing/adopting a maine coon

But you can expect to pay somewhere around $1000 to $1200 or more in the us for a purebred maine coon kit. Ways to detect maine coon scams. A maine coon kitten from a reputable local breeder (or cattery) should cost you in the ballpark of $400 to $2,000.

Male, 10 weeks old, purebred, solid blue, $1500. If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, several backyard breeders can sell a maine coon at as low as $300. The two maine coon kittens we got from maine coon family cats (purchased at different times) are healthy and beautiful and have brought us much joy.

$500 obo there is 6 of them. While maine coons do have a distinctive feral look they are absolutely not part lynx. Male, 10 weeks old, purebred, blue and white, $1500.

Will consider trades for kids atvs. The average cost of a maine coon kitten is between $800 and $2000, depending on quality, age, and whether they’re certified by a vet. The average longevity of the maine coon is 12.5 years, and they are relatively long lived for a pure breed cat, with a significant number of them reaching ages of over fifteen.

The following factors can potentially impact pricing: Hi we’re selling 6 maine coon kittens mixed with tabbie. Maine coon kittens price can vary between $500 to $1000, it is considered as one of the most expensive cat breeds.

It is not cheap to raise a litter. With us, you can adopt exotic cat kittens without hassle. There are some people that believe that the maine coon is the product of early domesticated cats mating with wild bobcats.

If it sounds too great, it probably is. Purebredkitten cattery was established september 25, 1995. Show & breeding rights :

They’re knowledgeable, caring, responsible and passionate about their “kittens”. If you want to buy a maine coon kitten for a reasonable price near you we are here to help. We all know that the cat price can vary depending on several factors, age and gender are the most considered ones.

Female, 11 weeks old, purebred, soft brown and white. Female, 10 weeks old, purebred, tabby blue with white, $1400. Unlike a hybrid cat breed, they only look wild.

Its large size can cause people to mistake them for a wild cat. There is another rumor that the name comes from a domestic cat mating with a raccoon. They enjoy being playful and interacting with the whole family but they also enjoy showing affection and cuddling up with the ones they love.

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