Pixie Bob Kittens For Sale Near Me

To the left is special agent captain jack, representing the pixie bob in a breed feature in kittens usa 2013. Males are usually larger than females.

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Buy and sell pixie bobs kittens & cats in west yorkshire with freeads classifieds.

Pixie bob kittens for sale near me. They would also do well with another pet to have as a companion as they are very friendly. We provide cat trees with sisal rope, smooth and rough woods, and carpeting for scratching. Emerald city exotic cats (washington state) falconeye pixie bobs (florida) forest hunter pixie bobs (washington) alpine legends pixiebobs.

Our family started raising persians over 20 years ago. Male straight foot….$1,200.00 female straight foot….$1,200.00 poly kittens….$1,500.00. Pixie bob kittens are always fascinated by.

It involves a veterinarian who killed kittens, and almost mom, performing a cesarean, three kittens thrown in the trash, and a grieving pixie bob. Be sure to visit our available cats page for older kittens and adult cats. Read more>> our cats available kittens info.

Originating in the northwestern united states, the loyal pixiebob is muscular, brawny cat bred to resemble the wild coastal red bobcat found in the coastal mountains of the area. It also allows me to always breed for the correct pixie bob breed standard. Buy and sell pixie bobs kittens & cats in leeds with freeads classifieds.

Oregon, idaho, california, montana, or utah. All of our kittens are raised inside our home and are very well socialized through constant human contact from the moment they. Find pixie bobs kittens & cats for sale in west yorkshire at the uk's largest independent free classifieds site.

Females will reach maturity at 4 years of age. Our pixie bobs, both cats and kittens, are exposed to a variety of scratching surfaces, toys, and activities. But most of all, she touched the lives of those of us who were blessed to know her as a friend.

We loved the breed and started to expand with other breeds about 7 years ago. While they are fine to be left alone during the day while you are at work, they should be played with once you have returned. To the best of our knowledge no cattery has ever had this honor.

Carol passed away peacefully sunday morning june 5, 2011. We strive for quality over quantity and only produce few litters each year. Most males reach full maturity at the age of 5 years.

It is the only breed that accepts polydactyls (cats with extra toes) and comes in two coat lengths. Carol touched many lives with her beloved breed, the pixiebobs. Parents are tica registered with great lines to the original pacific northwest foundation cats.

We decided to venture into maine coons because of. They do resemble a bobcat yet have such sweet personalities. The cats and kittens have fabric mice, bell balls, feathers, laser pointers, and more to play with.

Pixie bob kittens for sale by breeder | bobcat legends. They enjoy playing games and should be kept company often. It gives me a chance to compare my cats to the other pixie bob breeders.

While most of what we raise are exotics and persians, We love their incredible golden retriever personality and gorgeous looks. On the right is special agent fourby (son of sgc blackfoot agent six), chosen for the cover of cat fancy magazine, august 2001, featuring the pixie bob.

They are happy, confident, playful and loving, well loved, well fed an. Pixie bob kittens for sale as pets only. We will deeply miss her and she will always be in our hearts.

Regardless, the fact remains that there were no bobcats. Or, you might have seen our pixie bobs on meet the barkers on mtv Pixie bob cats are slow maturing.

Shipping by air available, we accept paypal! Click on the breeders cattery name to go to their website. Find pixie bobs kittens & cats for sale in leeds at the uk's largest independent free classifieds site.

We also have other kittens to offer occasional. Special agent without details raised the dumpster kittens and is very attached to them, calling for them incessantly whenever she looses track of them. Her kindness, generosity and love of god was endless.

Please note that we are unable to hold kittens until a signed contract & payment are received. You don’t only need to win the pixie bob breed class, but go on to place in the top 10 finals against the other 48 breeds of cat.

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