Protecting Cats From Cancer

Protecting Cats From Cancer

Protecting Cats From Cancer. How can I protect my cat from cancer? Can Cat prevent cancer? Can cats sense if you have cancer? How long do cats live after being diagnosed with cancer? Cancer does no longer simply have an effect on people, cats can also be at risk of the unwell effects of this lethal disorder. I actually have a cat who’s referred to as Pip and in this text, I will be writing about my family’s revel in defensive her from most cancers, which the vet has knowledgeable us, has in the end saved and prolonged her lifestyle.


Protecting Cats From Cancer
Protecting Cats From Cancer

Pip is a lovely and loving cat and could be very a lot a part of our family. She is handled like our 1/3 baby and has what we hope to be a very happy and at ease existence.

I had been surrounded by animals for the maximum of my life as my mother and father run an animal sanctuary within the Birmingham area of England. I have learned pretty a lot approximately those distinct animals and have a particular love of cats and dogs.

Pip herself is 90-five percent white in color, the opposite 5 percentage is black. I am aware that cats that can be particularly white are essentially at a better threat of catching a type of skin cancer than other cats. In the summer Pip would always like to sunbathe, basking in the solar. I might make sure that I placed solar cream on her, particularly around her ears, and tried to encourage her to sleep greater inside the shaded areas of our garden. Pip is but quite cussed and insisted on resting out of the color.

Over the years I would take a look at Pip out at everyday durations and one day observed that she had some little black spots in and around her ears. These spots had no longer been there the ultimate time I had checked her over and consequently, I determined to take her to the vets. I felt assured that everything could be great but simply desired to make certain.

The vet examined Pip and seemed pretty involved. He advised us that Pip had a shape of pre-most cancers and that the most effective way that she would survive, in his opinion, could be to have her ears amputated.

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This becomes very unhappy but we realized that during a way we had no preference. This all befell four years in the past and Pip continues to be going strong today, blind to how close she changed into to losing her life. The vet has said that if I had no longer checked her out and taken her in to be tested that cancer could have unfolded and that Pip could have handiest lived for around three to 6 months.

My recommendation for everyone who has a cat as a puppy, especially if they may be white in coloration, is to check the cat every week or so and in case you spot whatever out of the regular, to take them to the vets.