Teach Cats To Use Scratching Posts

Teach Cats To Use Scratching Posts – Cats love and need to scratch. When they stay in a residence or condo they will scratch something that is to be had which usually turns out to be their proprietor’s first-class piece of furnishings.
Here are some recommendations to help teach your cat to use a scratching submit rather than your favored couch.
Cats do not apprehend physical punishment. Punishment best breaks the trust that your cat has in you.


Do cats use scratching posts - cat scratching post - diy cat scratching post
Do cats use scratching posts – cat scratching post – diy cat scratching post

It feels properly for cats to scratch. Scratching serves as a workout to hold your cat’s muscle groups in shape.
Don’t attempt to reveal your cat the way to scratch the submit. The cat is aware of the way to scratch and could do so after they want to.
A proper scratching publishes ought to be tall enough on your Kitty to completely stretch the frame, commonly around 3 ft tall, and have to be very strong. If it falls over, even once, the cat may not cross returned to it. A resting region on the pinnacle is even more attractive.
Cats like difficult surfaces that they could shred to portions. Choose material as close as feasible to the object that the cat is now scratching on. The opposite aspect of rugs presents a great texture for clawing.
Cat’s mark their territory via scratching. The paws additionally have scent glands that depart their own special scent on their territory, so a scratching post ought to be in a place this is utilized by the circle of relatives.
Encourage the cat to apply the publish by using feeding and playing by using the submit. Rub dried catnip leaves or powder onto it. Attach toys to it, such as a catnip mouse, which causes the cat to grab the put up attempting to seize the toy.
Put a post close to wherein the cat sleeps. Cats want to scratch after they awaken, especially inside the morning and the nighttime. If possible, place a scratching post in each room of the residence.
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Teach Cats To Use Scratching Posts
How to get an older cat to use a scratching post – cat scratching post with catnip

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How to Teach Your Cat to Use a Scratching Post 1- Teach Cats To Use Scratching Posts

Sing Sing, my 8-year old Siamese, maybe a wonderful cat in every way but one: he scratches the sofa so as to urge my attention! Our old couch is pretty trashed and a replacement one is on the way, so it is time to urge serious about teaching Sing Sing what he can scratch! the most reason that cats refuse to scratch on a cat scratch post is that it is not STURDY enough. remember when you’re shopping online for a scratch post – many sellers use kittens, not adult cats, in their photos therefore the scratch post looks larger than what you think. A full-grown cat will need something that he can really grip, stretch, and pull thereon won’t tip over! I even have skilled tons of scratch posts, and therefore the one during this video is great because it offers durability and sturdiness for even large adult cats. Don’t waste your money on a wobbly little post that your cat will ignore!

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How to Teach Your Cat to Use a Scratching Post – Part 2

Sing Sing the Siamese is a perfect cat – except he claws our furniture! With a brand new sofa on the way, I use training techniques and positive reinforcement, along with a sturdy new cat scratch post, to keep Sing Sing and his claws away from our furniture!

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