Where Can I Get A Siberian Kitten

Your kitten goes home with a month worth of food. You have access to the breeder, me for the lifetime of this kitten for any questions, concerns or brags!

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Prior to your kitten leaving us we will ensure regular worming is up to date.

Where can i get a siberian kitten. The siberian is a very popular breed of domestic cat that was originally a landrace cat but today is selectively bred. They are slow to mature, are healthy and hardy, and get along great with other pets and children. Siberian kittens and siberian cats for sale from kravchenko of daytona beach florida.

Your deposit amount will go towards your purchase price. Our breeding males are kept separate from our breeding females, we only have planned pregnancies, that are arranged by us. Welcome to the siberian kitten breeding home.

You are given a list of things so that you know exactly what to get and be prepared for your kitten. Before you bring the kitten, find a room in your home that’s small and quiet. A yearly booster needle and regular worming will be required to keep your siberian fully protected;

When you bring the cat home, put the carrier in a room, open. Siberian cats and other pets. Buy today for 30% discount.

To have been australia’s first breeder this most exotic cat. Siberian cat rescue and adoption the traditional way to adopt a siberian cat into your family is to find a siberian cat breeder with an upcoming litter. You can check out my post here about siberian cat breeders in different areas of the world.

For people in the new york, pennsylvania and new jersey area, we are happy to meet you half way! Our cattery was established in 2003 and we are honoured. How to buy a siberian kitten.

Zuko the siberian kitten from california. Fully weaned and eating a balanced diet; We use popantal and milbemax wormers.

This amount will be deducted from the total purchase price ($1,800). They are great with families with kids because they are both affectionate and playful. Browse siberian kittens for sale & cats for adoption.

Pricing for delivery varies and depends on location and ticket pricing. Cats don’t really like getting their nails trimmed but our experts make them feel very comfortable and while they trip the nails, the cats enjoy the session without getting fussy. Lily is a very smart, talkative and loving kitten.

Gate siberian kittens is highly known for breeding and nurturing kittens in a loving and caring manner, and we give them out to a true loving family who cares much about them. Hi i'm marie, founder of miakoschka siberian cattery. We pride ourselves on engaging in ethical breeding;

I am always available to help in any way i can. All of these patterns will have the tabby m on their forehead, stripes on their legs and spots on their tummies. Buy a large cat carrier, as the siberian cat can get quite large.

She enjoys jumping on your lap and getting a good nap in. She is up to date with all shots and in good health and ready to meet her new owners. They are a larger breed of cat and come in a palette of many colors and patterns.

This is great for testing out your allergies and deciding on a kitten to reserve! Lili is a female siberian kitten trained without a cage available for sale at an affordable price. The siberian has a solid, strong, muscular build with a large bone structure.

It's okay if the carrier seems too large at first; The cost of each kitten is $2,000, plus the required purchase of mandatory early veterinarian care which is an additional $500. Breeding, the unique attributes that make the siberian cat so.

Her mom was shown in a cat show, and won herself a award she is a very agile female, and very talkative. As is the policy with other catteries, i reserve the right of first choice. We offer free kitten delivery in the new england area.

If you don’t get much time at home to groom your cat, you can visit us at siberian kitten breed and let our professionals do the job. Inbreeding and over breeding are not options for us! Once the final balance is received, you can pick your kitten up from our cattery.

Contact if interested for more information and pricing. However, you can also try to rescue a siberian cat. So for your own comfort, convenience, and for the sake of your kitten, we’d encourage you to buy only from a breeder who spays or neuters.

We also deliver anywhere in the usa. Here you can learn all about our storied history of champion. Contact us now for your order.

Reserve your own siberian kitten. The cat will grow into it. Reserve your siberian kitten with a $500 deposit.

There are a few siberian cat rescue groups The siberian cat has been popular in russia for hundreds of years, being including in fables and fairytales and presently serves as the national cat of russia. Kitten prices vary based on color and breeder bloodline.

We make sure our clients get the recent views of our siberian kittens.we update our online gallery on. A small bedroom that isn’t used much would do just fine. They love to play and seek the attention of their caregiver or companion, but they do not overly demand it.

The siberian cat is moderately active. Once the kitten is in your home, it will try to stay in one room as it will simply going to be scared to go anywhere else. Inquiries on purchase and adoption, email us :

If flea control is needed we use and prefer advantage for cats. When our siberian kittens leave us at twelve weeks of age they will be: These siberian cats are purebred to maintain their hypoallergenic qualities, breed standards, friendly personalities, and beauty which is why they are so very special.

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